Finding What I Lost Along The Way

Since this is largely about finding what I lost along the way, it seems only fair to start with a simple French classic – pain perdu.

Walking around Whole Foods yesterday picking up some items I know I will need on this journey (more to follow on that one) I spotted the rack of beautiful, fluffy, golden brioche and I just could not resist. “The LIttle paris Kitchen” has a lovely, simple recipe for this French classic served with a cherry compote. I truly never expected to make the compote, but I always have cherries in the freezer, and really what could be simpler than cherries and powdered sugar? I doubled the batter quantities, but halved the compote. I did this expecting Poppy to try it, and given that she had lots of fun helping me make it I was hopeful of new food breakthrough with her this morning. Alas that was not to be, and she had PB&J.

But back to the pain perdu – I cannot stress how easy this was, and certainly worthwhile for a weekend breakfast. The compote is not as sweet as you would expect, and using brioche results in a lovely, eggy, rich bread.

I get the rest of the day off as a Chef Tim Haigh is cooking dinner tonight, and I am turning my thoughts to the rest of the week and challenges cooking dinner will bring, and working out how to drag Rob into this as my prep cook……He is actually a better chef than he lets on, but generally his talents lie with the jars of Pataks curry sauce, the slow cooker and the grill. 19787086_10106467658212992_8935276504327364879_o

Author: The Brit Girl in Salem Cooks

I always feel I should be able to write something witty and clever in these "About Me" sections, but I can truly never think of anything. I am a 50 year old nurse, mother, baker, wife, wannabe writer. I struggle to balance my checkbook, but make awesome cherry pie. I was a terribly picky eater as a child, but now I am shamelessly obsessed by food. I like cooking it, eating it and reading about it. I live in Salem, Massachusetts with my American husband, Robert, and our daughter Poppy. Our house is old, quirky and utterly devoid of flat surfaces. I keeping with my love of food the deciding factor for me when we were buying a home was the oven, and this house had the best oven. I have barely any work surfaces, and storage but my oven rocks! I initially started this blog as a way to document the year between 49 and 50, but I pretty much forgot about the lofty plans I had, so now I am going to try again, newly energized, and just brimming with ideas.

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