A Little Slower Than I Planned

I have truly found this a little harder than I expected! The unintentional gymnastics after by birthday party certainly didn’t help. In the end I “only” tore my MCL, but as I found out today that pretty important ligament can be tricky to heel, and there are no real surgical options so it is PT and time. On the positive side I can now have some time out of the knee brace – which means (and yes this is vain) I will stop pulling threads on my favorite line of dresses. Maybe on Friday when I go to my second appointment I can tell him about my hope to run a 5K for my 50th birthday!

Summer is passing by so fast, and not taking any real vacation this summer has been weird, and really makes me feel as if I have missed out. Poppy has been in camp every week, but even she took a week off to recharge her batteries. I cannot believe that she is so close to starting 2nd grade!

Ah, but now onto food, onto my favorite part of this whole thing. I finally cracked open How To Master the Art of Chinese Cooking and took a stab at BBQ pork with simple fried rice. I cheated somewhat with the ribs by cooking them in the sous vide, so I could really just fix them and forget them for 24 hours! I use an Anova for my sous vide, and I have to say I absolutely love it. It does take some forward planning because the cooking times are long. but if you want tender, moist perfectly cooked meat and fish this is the way to go! The marinade was a little tricky because I didn’t have the bean curd paste, as I have yet to get down to Burlington to the specialist grocers, but over all it was pretty tasty. After being in the sous vide we finished the ribs on the grill to get all that crunchy and caramel goodness. I served the ribs with a simple fried rice from the same book and the only thing I would do differently with that is to increase the amount of soy and oyster sauce to give it a little more bite.

I also made the Spanish meatballs with Serrano ham from Cúrate but to be honest I am not 100% sure how I feel about them. I wasn’t “feeling it” the day I made them, and I rushed, so when i try them again I plan on taking my time and really paying attention to the ingredients and the techniques.

Baking wise it has been a slow couple of months, but we did have a small Bakers Against Humanity get together and I tried my hand at frangipane for the first time and knocked up a cherry plum tart. Again I rushed to get it done, so I think had I taken my time and shown some patience instead of rushing to get it done in under and hour I would be more satisfied with it.

Cherry plum crustless frangipane tart
Cherry plum frangipane tart

Coming up soon will be stuffed pork chops and a Maine Blueberry Pie….

Author: The Brit Girl in Salem Cooks

I always feel I should be able to write something witty and clever in these "About Me" sections, but I can truly never think of anything. I am a 50 year old nurse, mother, baker, wife, wannabe writer. I struggle to balance my checkbook, but make awesome cherry pie. I was a terribly picky eater as a child, but now I am shamelessly obsessed by food. I like cooking it, eating it and reading about it. I live in Salem, Massachusetts with my American husband, Robert, and our daughter Poppy. Our house is old, quirky and utterly devoid of flat surfaces. I keeping with my love of food the deciding factor for me when we were buying a home was the oven, and this house had the best oven. I have barely any work surfaces, and storage but my oven rocks! I initially started this blog as a way to document the year between 49 and 50, but I pretty much forgot about the lofty plans I had, so now I am going to try again, newly energized, and just brimming with ideas.

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