Damn, life keeps interrupting…

Life has this awful habit of getting in the way, so I have really been slacking off as far as this project goes, at least from the writing perspective. The Instagram page is chugging along quite nicely and I am finding that I prefer that platform over Facebook in many ways. There is no nastiness, no fighting, not bitching on my Instagram feeds, just a steady flow of photographs.

So what have I been up to? Have I actually been cooking? Well…kind of…pretty half-halfheartedly really. I have to work on meal planning, and as a glass half full kind of gal,  I hope that with winter rapidly approaching I can start focusing on more meals at home, after all who wants to walk around in the cold, dark and damp?

These beauties were courtesy of my wonderful Anova. Seriously – if you have not tried cooking something sous vide stop what you are doing hop on over to the Anova website or the Joule website – you seriously do not know what you are missing. Yes, it takes longer to cook everything – that salmon? It took 40 minutes, but believe me it is so worth it for the way it is just so perfectly cooked. The filet? Well that took even longer, but for melt in your mouth perfectly cooked steak it is worth the time and the planning that is required. My ever so patient and long -suffering husband bought me my Anova for Christmas last year and I am seriously in love, so much so that this year I have asked for a vacuum sealer (you don’t need this there are all kinds of tricks).



As Thanksgiving approaches, I am thankful for my family and friends. When you live so far away from your actual family your “friends-as-family” become more important than ever, and this year in the midst of the chaos wrought by health issues and the nastiness of the local elections we found a new “friend-as family” with Gypsy and her daughters. Poppy and Lily formed an effortless friendship, and Gypsy’s support while Rob was sick was immense and I can truly never repay her for that.

Our Thanksgiving this year will be spent with Tim, Elizabeth and Vanessa, it’s going to be pretty low key, and quiet, which I think we will all appreciate.

I am thankful that as a family we have weathered the storms of the the past two years, and as I look ahead I am hopeful for a more steady, more calm and more importantly a happier future for us all. The past few weeks have reinforced why I started this project in the first place, as a way to recover what we had lost.

Author: The Brit Girl in Salem Cooks

I always feel I should be able to write something witty and clever in these "About Me" sections, but I can truly never think of anything. I am a 50 year old nurse, mother, baker, wife, wannabe writer. I struggle to balance my checkbook, but make awesome cherry pie. I was a terribly picky eater as a child, but now I am shamelessly obsessed by food. I like cooking it, eating it and reading about it. I live in Salem, Massachusetts with my American husband, Robert, and our daughter Poppy. Our house is old, quirky and utterly devoid of flat surfaces. I keeping with my love of food the deciding factor for me when we were buying a home was the oven, and this house had the best oven. I have barely any work surfaces, and storage but my oven rocks! I initially started this blog as a way to document the year between 49 and 50, but I pretty much forgot about the lofty plans I had, so now I am going to try again, newly energized, and just brimming with ideas.

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