Roasting chicken? Roasting potatoes? Roasting apples?

I love roast chicken. Seriously say “Winner, winner chicken dinner” to me and I am running to the store to buy a bird! The first meal I ever cooked for Chef Tim Haigh was a simple roast chicken and I have the scars from my meat thermometer to prove how nervous I was! Since then I have stuck rigidly to the same recipe – Jamie Oliver’s roast chicken from his book “Food Revolution”

Browsing through Cúarte I found the recipe for Lemon Rosemary Roast Chicken with potatoes and apples. The actual chicken itself is not that different to my old faithful, but the cooking method and the addition of the apples was a fun experiment. I misread the recipe at first and thought the chicken was roasted directly on the over rack which is the method I use for lamb at Easter, and to be honest I was worried about how this would work, quite simply because you just don’t get the amount of drippings from chicken. I took a third and maybe fourth look and realized how it needed to be cooked. I placed the peeled and chopped apples and potatoes in a small roasting pan with a wire cooling rack over it and then it was easy peasey! The potatoes and apples are tossed with olive oil before cooking, and the chicken is generously rubbed with oil and that’s all you really need. I deviated from the recipe in that I roasted the potatoes and apples for about 30 minutes before I put the chicken in, and this resulted in sweet, soft apples and crisp, golden potatoes. I added some tricolor carrots and I have to pat myself on the back for this one. The chicken was moist, and falling off the bone, I purposefully undercooked the carrots so they kept their color and their crunch. I would love to say that Poppy tried the chicken, but although she had told me how excited she was to eat it, in the end it was of course a PB&J. It was fun to share the meal with Vanessa, Elizabeth and Tim, to eat around the table with conversation and wine flowing.

Now cooking in the knee brace was a bit tricky, because I truly have to pay attention to where my knee is – although the brace is hinged I have learned the hard way that one centimeter at the wrong angle and the pain is awful. We did imbibe a fair bit of rosé so at least I was able to ignore the pain somewhat…..

I had planned to make albondigas tonight, but my orthopedist gave me vicodin yesterday, and given that I haven’t taken anything stronger than ibuprofen for a very long time the vicodin knocked me on my bum.  Seriously , I took one this morning and slept for 3 hours….The albondigas will be prepared in the morning ready to eat after my MRI…


It was an interesting start to the year

The BBQ we went to on July 9th at Tim and Elizabeth’s turned out to be a surprise party for little old me. ANyone will tell you I am pretty impossible to surprise, and the fact that Rob, Elizabeth and Vanessa were able to pull this off is amazing! It was fantastic to walk through the gate and see all my favorite people! I can never thank everyone enough for coming out – it was a fantastic afternoon/evening.

So great start yes? Well not quite…..

We came home and I was dashing around getting Poppy’s things ready for Children’s Island Day Camp when I slipped on something on a tile floor and managed to narrowly avoid doing a full split by bending my right knee in a way that nature never intended. Now, I am clumsy, I can quite literally fall over nothing so over the years I have developed a pretty high pain tolerance, this however was something different. I managed to get to the couch, I managed to get to bed, and I even managed to get to work the next morning, but believe me walking and not knowing if your knee actually works is a pretty awful experience. I am fortunate to have orthopedics in my building and the saw me right away and into a knee brace I went. After a week in the brace I am still hurting and the knee just doesn’t feel right, so tomorrow I will have an MRI – and I am hoping for “just” a severe pain because I do not have time for an ACL or MCL tear and the surgery they would require!

But the project is still on – I took last week off, and Robert stepped in for kitchen duties which meant curry, pizza, curry, pizza……But I am determined to get back on track….